The Caregiver Quality Assurance program insures that Visiting Angels Westplex will look closer at the personality and behaviors of the caregivers that are considered for employment to work in your home.

Visiting Angels Westplex uses the most advanced screening tool available today in pre-employment assessment of caregivers. This unique technology identifies individuals with the potential to put your family at risk. The caregiver pre-employment assessment tool examines attitudes, behaviors and personality to screen applicants before an incident can occur.

    • Dependability -- Measures the risk that an individual will be undependable, careless, lazy or disorganized.
    • Honesty/Integrity -- Measures the risk for dishonest behavior.
    • Hostility/Aggression -- Measures the risk of a person being aggressive, hostile, disruptive or having poor control of their anger.
    • Substance Abuse -- Measures the risk of substantial use of alcohol or illegal drugs.
    • Sexual Harassment -- Measures behaviors regarding sexuality that are likely to be considered harassment.
    • Computer Misuse -- Measures the risk of using computers and Internet connections in ways unrelated to job tasks.
    • Cognitive Reasoning -- Evaluates problem-solving abilities and learning speed.

Today, even Certified Nurses Aides and Certified Home Health Aides are only evaluated on a minimum of clinical skills. We know, however, that most problems in people's homes arise with inappropriate attitude and behavior among caregivers. Until now there was no way to evaluate attitude and behavior before problems arose.

Additionally the Caregiver Personality and Behavior Assessment measures six core traits:

    • conscientiousness
    • tough minded
    • conventional
    • extroversion
    • stable
    • teamwork

These six scales are designed to match quality caregivers with appropriate clientele.

As you are evaluating homecare agencies ask them what type of tools they use to evaluate attitudes, personality and behavioral traits of their applicants. If they rely on "good instincts" they aren't using the technology you need and should expect.

What does Caregiver Quality Assurance mean to clients and their families?

It means that Visiting Angels Westplex is using Leading Home Care's Caregiver Selection System, the latest technology and most advanced techniques to assure that the people caring for your loved one are trustworthy, dependable, and have the attitude and personality skills needed to provide top quality care.

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